Google has introduced a new-look web portal that's optimised for the iPhone and ushered in a new area in which Mac users can search for the latest Google Applications.

Google's new iPhone application gives single-screen access to most key Google services, including search, Gmail, Calendar, Reader, and more. iPhone users simply need to navigate to Google's site ( using the Safari browser of the iPhone (and iPod touch) will find a navigation bar that lets them switch between Google services.

The Google Mac Developer Playground offers Mac users a place to look for new open source projects and demos from Google developers. It launches with six open source projects and demos made available, Stats, GData, MacFUSE, iPhone Disk, Cover Story and Quartz Composer Patches.

Google product manager Karen Grünberg said: "You won't be surprised to learn that we like to mix a healthy dose of fun into work. Our Mac team engineers spend their 20 per cent of their time developing interesting experiments, useful tools, and just-for-fun software."

The available collection includes one application called Statz, developed by Google Desktop Mac engineer, Dave MacLachlan. This application lets users coordinate their status messages across various IM clients.