LemkeSoft has released Graphic Converter 6, the latest version of its image editor for Mac OS X.

The application offers a range of features for image manipulation, editing and format export. It also includes image archive management features.

The new version offers a host of new talents to what is arguably among the most important shareware applications available to the platform. The company claims over 1.5 million active users of the application.

New features include a save for web function, layer support, limited Google Earth integration, rulers and support for Microsoft's HD Photo Image format.

With an eye to the future, this version of Graphic Converter also works with Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard - at least it works with the developer preview build.

In another move, LemkeSoft has gone one better than Apple with the introduction of Catalan localization. Users in the Catalan region of Spain have been lobbying Apple to introduce local Catalan language support to Mac OS X for some time.

A new polygon selection tool and the ability to set GPS coordinates from Google Earth (and go to a photo's position on Google Earth) also debut in the release.

The ability to paste into alpha channels, RAW image import and an 'email image' function also debut in this release. A lengthy and extensive list of improvements in the software are available from the developer's website.

GraphicConverter costs €29.95, a demo version of the software is also available..