iOS seems to be the place to go if you want to enjoy blasts from the past - it's already played host to The Bitmap Brothers' 90s hits Speedball 2 and Z. Now the next company's work to be resurrected on the platform is that of Gremlin Graphics, later known as Gremlin Interactive.

Digital publisher Urbanscan was set up by Gremlin founder Ian Stewart, who has obviously been feeling somewhat nostalgic recently. As a result, the publisher has introduced a "Gremlin Presents" label which will feature remakes of Gremlin classics - the first of which will be Bounder.

Bounder's World is a reimagining of Commodore 64 puzzle-platformer Bounder. The 8 bit classic bouncer has been updated to take advantage of the iOS platform and will be coming soon to iPod, iPhone & iPad. 

The new game features retina display graphics, motion control and an interface designed for touchscreen. It's due out in the third quarter of this year.

Bounders by Urbanscan

Stewart intends to revive a number of Gremlin's old properties through the label - watch out for new Premier Manager and Monty Mole games later in the year.