GridIron Software is making the base version of its Flow 2.0 project management system available for free. The second release of the Digital Arts Editor's Choice-winning software for disorganised designers and others who find asset management wearisome (so that's all of us, then) will had additional features that you pay for -- including version and time management.

Flow 2.0 uses a SaaS (Software as a Service) model to allow projects to be monitors across creatives at different locations. It automatically track files, users and project relationships, and their dependencies, while also providing real-time resources allocation data to enable better planning, pricing and asset management.The desktop client runs under Mac OS X 10.5/6 and Windows XP/Vista/7.

The software provides effective project management via Project Maps; efficient file management via File Maps; secure, synchronized online file sharing with 4GB available for free; and real-time asset tracking.

Premium Services will be made available when the full release ships in the last quarter of this year. These include version management, a time manager that automatically tracks how much time was spent on projects (below), and up to 50GB of secure online storage and syncing. These cost from $9.99 (£6.30) per month.