Braid Art Labs has announced 3D art and animation application, GroBoto.

The application can be used to create complex, dynamic forms and animations, and has been designed to be fast and fluid to use. It's aimed at users from ten years old and up.

The software features intelligent algorithmic drawing tools, 'Bots', which create geometric forms, both abstract and real. Bot behaviours are adjustable, and users can create and save unlimited variations of a Bot.

The software also offers a Kinetic Morphing animation system, which creates complex fluid motion effects automatically.

Relational editing tools mean objects can be grouped, reshaped, and aligned to the surfaces of other objects in real time at full render quality with cast shadows. The company promises its software can create high-quality textures without distortion.

Images can be output to as TIFF, JPEG, BMP, AVI and QuickTime. The software costs $79.