Human Software has introduced the second version of Xfile, a radical new image adjustment tool for OS X and Windows.

What's interesting about this software is its use as a tool for image resizing that is capable of adapting elements of an overall image without changing the size of areas around the resized area.

In order to achieve this is uses a technology called 'Seam Carving', an operation which can be conducted within Photoshop.

With this technique image resizing of the whole image can be made while keeping the size of the most important elements of the picture. The features of the image remain untouched.XFile removes or adds areas to an image that would be least noticed.

The same very sophisticated technique lets you by simply brushing roughly a mask over an area of an image, remove an area and automatically rebuild the pixels missing

Here's a video showing how this works.

Xfile 2 costs $99.95.