French developer Aquafadas has updated its award-winning iDive application to version 1.8.

iDive (€59.95) is a video clip and still image archiving and management solution that's designed for use beside applications such as iMovie and Final Cut Pro.

The application includes navigation tools, offers customizable views and supports drag-&-drop attribute tagging and a timeline display. The software exists to help users find and view clips hidden among hours of footage, by simplifying the visualisation, tagging, storage, organisation, and retrieval of digital video clips and photos.

The new version offers improved capture and import options and new organizational tools. These include a new capture module for video that lets users choose how they want their videos stored on disk: either as high quality footage fully compatible with either iMovie or Final Cut, or as on-the-fly compressed videos.

The new capture module also adds various other most requested new feature such a pre-roll, the ability to save capture settings and playback control.

Tapes can now be rearranged and can even be moved between libraries and disks. New maintenance tools have been introduced to run diagnostic and repair corrupted libraries. Improved handling of iMovie projects, improved tagging and extended documentation also feature.