Apple's current version of iMovie, its home video editing software for the Mac is approaching three years old. That begs the question: When will Apple launch a new version of iMovie?

iMovie '11 was launched on 20 October 2010. It can be purchased from the Mac App Store for £10.49 and comes with all new Macs.

There's also a version of iMovie for iOS, which launched, initially for iPhone only, in June 2010, with an iPad version coming in March 2011.

You can read our review of iMovie '11 here.

iMovie '13: release date

When is iMovie '13 coming out? Or will we have to wait until 2014 for the next version of iMovie?

Apple is rumoured to be hosting a special event on 10 September, which could see the unveiling of a iMovie update. We expect to receive an invitation for the event, which is likely to be centred around new iPhone models, this week.

While it is possible that Apple will update the iOS version of its iLife apps, including iMovie for iOS sooner than the Mac version, it seems logical that the two should happen in conjunction.

iMovie '13: new features

iMovie '11 added some great features including Movie Trailers, audio editing, One-Step Effects, a fix for rolling shutter artifacts, and the People Finder feature. But almost three years later – and three versions of Adobe Premiere Elements down – iMovie '11 is looking long in the tooth.

While Apple's iMovie remains unchanged, Adobe has launched a new version of Premiere Elements every year, adding various new features that filter down from Adobe's professional video solution, Premiere Pro. 

Apple hasn't updated its own pro video application, Final Cut Pro, since 2009, of course, so it's no wonder that iMovie has stood still. Read our Final Cut Pro X 10.1: the features video pros want article for ideas about new features that could also come to iMovie including multi-user editing, better media management, changes to the timeline, enhanced XML, Motion round-tripping, pro audio features, and more. Other features currently in Final Cut Pro that could come to iMovie include support for multiple cameras. In Final Cut Pro X clips can sync in multiple ways, including by audio, timecode, markers, clip start and automatically, and FCP X allows up to 64 angles, mixing multiple formats and frame-rates. Imagine that in your home movies. Read our New Final Cut Pro X release date and rumours story. 

iMovie '13: price

Reports back in July suggested that code in iOS 7 revealed that Apple would release all it's iWork and iLife apps for free. That report claimed that a pop-up window in iOS 7 recommends that users install "free apps from Apple" and lists the entire iWork and iLife suites, including iMovie, iPhoto, Pages and Keynote.

iWork has already been released, in beta, for free via iCloud. Of course, even if true this doesn't suggest that the new version of iLife apps, including iMovie for Mac, will be free-for-all.

Even at £10.49 iMovie for Mac is a bargain compared £200 for Final Cut Pro and £78.15 for Premiere Elements. A new version of Apple's iMovie is bound to give Premiere Elements a run for its money.

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