Ecamm Networks has introduced new webcam controller software for iChat, iGlasses 2.1.

The software lets users adjust camera settings from within video chat applications including iChat and Skype. Newly introduced features include support for seven additional applications, a digital zoom button, and numerous fixes and enhancements.

The software lets users implement brightness and colour balance adjustments while the digital zoom feature allows them to digitally change the camera angle in order to centre themselves in the video frame. This is especially useful with the built-in iSight since it cannot be physically aimed without moving the entire Mac. Once a desired zoom and pan setting is achieved, it can be saved and quickly recalled at a later time.

iGlasses also supports Yahoo Messenger, Skitch, Pixelmator, Cha-Ching, WebEx Meeting Center, Arkaos VJ, Acorn, and ooVoo.

iGlasses costs $9.95. A trial version is also available.