Ecamm Networks has released iGlasses 2.0, a plug-in that lets Mac users adjust and manipulate iSight and other web camera settings from within popular video applications.

This version of the software offers digital zoom and pan controls, precise control over the built-in iSight's brightness and colour balance, and support for more cameras including Macally's IceCam and Ecamm Network's iMage USB Webcam.

Using the digital zoom feature of iGlasses 2.0, users can digitally change their camera angle in order to centre themselves in the video frame - particularly handy when using fixed iSights. Desired zoom and pan settings can be saved for later use.

The software also offers an exposure lock option, a feature that can prevent unwanted automatic adjustments of colour and brightness. "In many situations, the iSight's automatic brightness can be troublesome," explains Ecamm's chief engineer Ken Aspeslagh, "which is why many customers requested the ability to lock the auto-exposure for full manual control."

The software supports over 50 of the most popular Mac video applications including iChat, Skype and Yahoo! Messenger. Newly supported applications include Periscope, CoverScout, iSale, FireFox, iRecord and CamCamX.

iGlasses is available now and costs $9.95, a fully-functional time-limited demo version is available.