iPhoto '08 improves the experience on the desktop, and also opens the floodgates for collaborative image sharing.

The new version of iPhoto, announced today at Apple's summer product press conference, has improved the level of integration between .Mac and iPhoto. iPhoto '08 introduces .Mac Web Gallery, a two-way street for image-sharing that Apple boss Steve Jobs called "a real web 2.0 app".

iPhoto users can share images with a single click. The application then publishes the gallery in the background. Users can deploy gallery, carousel or mosaic views, and the online collection can be viewed using any web browser - users can also define who is allowed to view their page.

In another new feature, the company has also added the facility to allow site visitors to download print quality downloads if you give permission.

Visitors to your gallery can upload their own images, and these uploaded images can be synced to iPhoto.

iPhone users get a fillip - the device now hosts a 'Send to Web Gallery' command, which lets users take a snap with their phone and upload it to their own web gallery. iPhone users can also visit .Mac galleries.

On the desktop, iPhoto also gains a new Events view, which lets users tag new image collections by an event name as they import the images. The application also gets new features - users can hide images that don't have a star rating, or images that have a low star rating.

iPhoto '08 also lets users copy photo adjustments for a single photo and paste them into the rest of the images taken during a session.

iLife ’08 costs £55. The suite of applications will be included with all new Macs beginning today. .Mac is available as a subscription-based service for £69 (including VAT) per year for individuals and £120 (including VAT) for a Family Pack which includes one master account and four sub accounts.