The Mac version of Quicken is alive and well, according to Intuit spokesperson Jodi Reinman.

Reinman refuted some reports that Quicken for Mac has been cancelled in a telephone interview with Macworld on Wednesday.

Following Intuit's announcement yesterday of a new version of Quicken for Windows, some Mac users have asked the company when the next version for the Mac was to be announced. Ill-informed customer service reps employed by Intuit have erroneously told Mac customers that Quicken 2007 would be last version for the Mac platform.

Reinman told Macworld that that's not the case, and that Quicken for the Mac is alive and well for the 2008 season, though it'll be a while longer before Mac users hear about what the popular personal financial management software has up its sleeve for the new year.

Intuit has moved its Quicken for Mac release schedule because of Mac OS X v10.5 "Leopard's" forthcoming release, according to information from Intuit. Apple initially intended to release Leopard earlier this year but postponed its release until October in order to focus development efforts on the iPhone, which launched in late June.

Quicken is the second high-profile commercial Mac software application to see its release schedule slip in recent weeks - Microsoft has also announced plans to push back Office 2008's release on the Mac platform until mid-January 2008. Microsoft Mac Business Unit general manager Craig Eisler said it "was no one thing" that caused the delay, just a confluence of events including Apple's switch to Intel processors, new development tools and the integration of new file formats from the PC version of Office that created a "perfect storm."

Intuit's Reinman did reveal, however, that Intuit is working on an online version of Quicken, designed for users who have never used financial management software before - a platform-agnostic version of Quicken that works through a web browser. Quicken Online will not communicate with the desktop software, according to Reinman.