Supergay and the Attack of His Ex-Girlfriends, available now from the App Store for £1.79, has become, according to Spanish publisher Klicrainbow, the first game to openly explore homosexuality, gay pride and the fear of coming out.

The game casts players in the role of Dr. Tom Palmer, a scientist working on cloning technology while struggling to come to terms with his own sexuality.

In traditional comic-book manner, something goes terribly wrong and Palmer becomes the pink and black-clad superhero Supergay, armed with a Rainbow Ray.

The episodic adventure, which as of now features ten chapters, features a variety of different gameplay styles, ranging from fighting to stealth via rhythm action.

The gameplay isn't the best the iOS platform has ever seen, nor is the game the most polished -- but the game's comic-book art style is appealing and its ongoing message of "Be Yourself" is admirable, especially in a world where triple-A developers are afraid to let their characters take their underwear off during sex scenes.

Source: MSNBC