The iPad 3 will have Siri, a dual core A5X processor, a 1080p camera and will launch in Germany on 23 March, the rumour mill has told us this week.

Chinese website Apple Pro came up with several details about the specification of the third-generation iPad which it garnered from anonymous sources.

For a start, it'll have a dual-core processor, a variant of the A5 called the A5X, the report claimed. This chip will support the Siri personal assistant, something currently only officially available on the iPhone 4S.

Also borrowed from the iPhone 4S is a camera capable of shooting video at 1080p. The website also apparently got its hands on a front glass panel which it believes is for the iPad 3, though it looks pretty much like the panel from an iPad 2 aside from a slightly longer ribbon cable.

It'll run iOS 5.1 and hit the US in mid-March, coming to the UK, Japan, France and Germany in April, the report claims.

However, this claim has been contradicted by the iFun blog in Germany, which claims that 23 March will be the day that the iPad launches in that country.

This is information from a source that the site takes very seriously, we're told, though of course the source remains anonymous.