Medl Mobile and photographer Craig Orsini have created MediaPad Pro, an iPad app for creating professional portfolios. Features include a fully customizable interface, instant access to showcase a selection of work, and the ability to edit presentations on the spot.

Using MediaPad Pro begins by users entering their professional contact information, and then uploading an unlimited amount of static images, audio files, video files and websited. Medl says that this allows MediaPad Pro to blend the mobility and format of your book with the instant accessibility of a website.

Controls in the app allow you to swap out the piece you choose, adjust the colour palette or modify the font scheme and background images. MediaPad Pro also allows you to turn your portfolio into an automated seamless presentation and eliminate the expensive cost of paper stock, print runs, bulky portfolio cases and the time-consuming preparation.

The app was desgined by Craig Orsini, who has been a professional photographer since the early days of digital. Craig's clients include Carnival Cruise Lines, Zipcar, Banana Boat, Bose, TomTom GPS and McDonald’s.

MediaPad Pro costs £8.99/US$14.99 and is available from the iTunes Store.