The Twitter account of iStyle, Premium Apple Reseller, earlier today tweeted that on Friday the official iPad will go on sale in UAE:

"We are glad to announce the official launch of iPad in the UAE this coming Friday."

Prices, according to iStyle will be:

  • iPad WiFi -- 16GB Dhs 2,199, 32GB Dhs 2,649, 64GB Dhs 3,099
  • iPad 3G+WiFi -- 16GB Dhs 2,799, 32GB Dhs 3,249, 64GB Dhs 3,699

According to Hani Nehme, Business Development Manager at iStyle, the iPad 3G model will be sold without any data bundle. He says he's unaware of whether the telecommunications providers in the UAE, du and Etisalat, will offer any special data bundles for Apple's tablet. Both carriers already offer Micro SIM cards and various data plans, which can be used by iPad customers.

Apple's iPad has been available in the UAE since shortly after Apple started selling it almost a year ago. Imported iPads have been without warranty valid in the UAE and service for customers has been a problem. Currently, an online reseller in Dubai, which has been selling imported iPads, today lists iPad 16GB Wi-Fi for Dhs 2,149.