iPhone users involved in heading-up creative graphics and design businesses can now control many of their business systems using their choice of mobile device.

Project management and ad agency groupware, Creative Manager Pro, has been updated to version 8.4.4. This latest version is optimised for the iPhone, iPod touch and is ready for Mac OS X 10.5.

Creative Manager Pro is a web-based product, so enabling its feature-set in order that they be accessible using the built-in Safari browser on Apple's mobile devices was inevitable.

Now, iPhone and iPod touch users can review the status of projects and contact clients on the go. Designers and other staff can also enter timesheets using the devices.

"Understanding and living life in a creative business is not as simple as it seems. Yet most programmers think that they can simply do some research and offer an application for sale. As simple as it sounds, listening to our clients is what we do best," said the company's marketing director, Ron Ause.

Creative Manager Pro offers customer relationship management, project management, digital asset management and accounting, billing and extranet capabilities.

Users can create project schedules, assign tasks, create calendars and approve time, purchase and budget proposals.

The software also lets users review and approve artwork online using the system.