Nakahara Informatics is introducing iGet Mobile 1.0, new software designed to make it easy to access a Mac remotely using an iPhone, iPod touch or even a Windows PC.

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iGet Mobile is a Mac application that allows users to easily, securely and remotely access the Mac's documents and files from any supported device

The company's popular iGet product has always offered a nice and easy way to transfer files, but requires a Mac to access a Mac. The new solution opens the door to a more diverse family of remote access devices.

iGet Mobile provides a lightweight web interface to the Mac, with special features geared toward users of the iPhone and iPod Touch.

"Since the very first day that the iPhone was released, we've been asked when we'll have a version of iGet that works with it," said Nakahara Informatics CEO Christopher Martin. "People don't necessarily want to take their laptops with them as much as before, and yet they still want to be able to connect back to their Macs and access their documents, maybe for business reasons, or maybe just to find something to read while waiting at the dentist's office."

iGet Mobile lets users browse the Mac remotely, but also perform on-the-fly document conversions to make many common Mac file types more compatible with mobile devices. The software lets a 50MB high-resolution Photoshop image file be reduced in size and converted to a standard image format, and can also cause a rich-text RTFD document to be instantly converted into PDF format before being viewed on an iPhone.

iGet Mobile 1.0 is available immediately from the company's web site and will run in full-featured demo mode, allowing users to try out all of its features before purchasing a license.

The software requires Mac OS X 10.5 'Leopard; or later and costs $39, though it is being made available at a special launch price of $29 for a limited time.