Apple will update iPhoto this summer, to bring iOS inspired features to its photo editing software for Mac.

That’s according to Dutch site Apple Weetjes, which spoke to anonymous sources who claim that Apple’s iPhoto ’12 will be “largely inspired” by the recently launched iPhoto iOS app.

The report suggests that Apple will add better iCloud integration so that users can store and share photos and photo books between devices. If a user has iPhoto installed on their iPad, for example, any photos added to iPhoto on their Mac will be automatically added to the iPad app.

Apple Weetjes also suggests that Mac owners with OS X Snow Leopard or earlier users will be unable to upgrade to iPhoto ’12 because iCloud is only available on Lion and the upcoming Mountain Lion operating systems.

The report claims that iPhoto ‘12 will launch this summer. It has been more than a year since Apple last updated the software as part of its iLife '11 suite for Mac.