Iscentia has introduced an affordable managed services scheme for Mac networks.

The Iscentia Managed Service promises hassle-free, state of the art system management and back-office technology as used at large Mac sites for fees starting at £1,000 per month.

Each Managed Service consist of four main components: hardware, configuration of systems and networks; support (phone, email and web along with remote access to client machines); and consultancy - a bi-annual review of client's set-ups to ensure they stay up-to-date.

The service is designed to offer smaller companies the chance to apply enterprise-class system and network support at an affordable price.

Monthly fees mean there are no upfront capital and consultancy fees providing a cost effective approach to a proven solution.

“We have completed many projects where the introduction of Apple server technology has been key to achieving technical and business success, however many small businesses and educational establishments require this technology and service but the high initial costs can be prohibitive and prevent them moving forward,” explained Tim Newman, Iscentia business development director.

“The Iscentia Managed Service resolves this by providing all the required hardware, configuration, support and ongoing consultancy for a fixed monthly cost. This way clients can immediately gain the benefits without large upfront costs.”

The cost of the service varies according to client need, resources required, and installation complexity.