On Wednesday, Apple released iTunes 11.1.4, a small update to its music and video playing app.

The biggest change centers around iTunes Store Wish Lists. Previously, you could only view your Wish List from within the iTunes Store. And, well, that appears to still be the case. Despite a prominent mention in the release notes that 11.1.4 lets you see your Wish List when viewing your local library of content, that feature is nowhere to be found at present by this editor. I've sent a note to Apple PR asking for clarification.

Apple also says the latest version improves support for Arabic and Hebrew, and includes additional, albeit non-specific, stability improvements. I'll have to take Apple's word on those. One unmentioned change is that Apple seems to have moved the iTunes Radio button from the right side to the left.

You can download the update now via OS X's built-in Software Update feature.