Apple will update Final Cut Pro, its video-editing program, soon according to high-profile FCP trainer Larry Jordan.

In a blog post, Larry says that "Last week, Apple invited a few folks, including me, to a short meeting in Cupertino where they previewed the up-coming version of Final Cut Pro.

"While I am under NDA and can’t talk about what I saw, I can tell you the meeting happened and that it showcased the new Final Cut Pro."

This follows an until-now unverified story on TechCrunch that said "people familiar with the matter" had seen a group of video editors on Apple's Cupertino campus, seemingly to get a preview of a new version of Final Cut Pro. Larry's post seems to confirm this.

Steve Jobs has already talked up a new version of Final Cut Pro and according to TechCrunch, there will be some pretty major changes in the next release - which could be called Final Cut Pro 8, though this is not certain.

Among the changes will be a complete redesign of the UI and it will be 64-bit, the sources claim, and could launch around the time of the NAB 2011 conference, which will take place in Las Vegas between 9 and 14 April.

The last version of Final Cut Studio launched in August 2009, comprising Final Cut Pro 7, Motion 4, Soundtrack Pro 3, Color 1.5, Compressor 3.5 and DVD Studio Pro 4.