Apple's has announced a string of updates to its iWeb software. iWeb '08's chief improvement is it's now easily possible to use the application to develop and deploy personal websites on non-.Mac servers.

iWeb '08 also offers automatic support for Google's AdSense technology alongside support for web widgets.

.mac updated

That latter point means an iLife '08 user assembling an iWeb page can drag-&-drop a Google Map into their design, or include any other HTML snippet, including YouTube video clips.

If you have developed a website that's beginning to attract good traffic, iWeb's AdSense support allows you to register with Google from within the application, after which you can drag in text ads to generate a little cash.

iLife now supports personal domains. A new Media Index feature makes it easy to declare an index page for a website, building links between pages within this area. Users can also switch website themes after publication at the flick of a virtual switch.

The application also ships with numerous website themes.

iLife ’08 costs £55. The suite of applications will be included with all new Macs beginning today. .Mac is available as a subscription-based service for £69 (including VAT) per year for individuals and £120 (including VAT) for a Family Pack which includes one master account and four sub accounts.