You're trying to recover from a big a party but you need to clean every room of your mansion, as well as your yacht before you can go to bed.

Not a problem that many of us will encounter - unless, of course, you are playing the classic ZX Spectrum game Jet Set Willy. The sequel to Manic Miner, the non-linear platform game was created by Matthew Smith in 1984.

Fortunately, you don't need to have hung on to your ZX Spectrum to play, as the game is now available on iOS devices, having made its debut in the App Store on Sunday.

Available to download for £1.19, Jet Set Willy is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and the iPad. You'll need to be running iOS 3.1.3 or later.

The large mansion our hero Miner Willy has to clear up is his own, bought with the profits from his adventures in Manic Miner. However, thanks to the previous owner much of the house is full of strange creatures and items that Miner Willy needs to collect to achieve his objectives. You can choose which of the 60-odd levels to attempt in any order.

The iOS version is "100% the original ZX Spectrum game as written by Matthew Smith in 1984 and is brought to you - as an officially licenced product - utilizing our ZX Spectrum: Elite Collection technology."

There are already several positive reviews of the app on its iTunes page. "Frustratingly hard, painfully addictive especially for the old school fans of the game...Adaptive controls work well.. Especially once you have lost unnecessary 2nd fire ( jump ) button," one wrote.

"If you never played spectrum retro games before then this along with Manic Miner is a lesson in real gaming! Unforgiving frustrating and simple yes time has moved on and there are better platform games out there but playing MM and JSW is like leaving your safe secure house and heading out into the wilderness with nothing but a pen knife," another wrote.