The latest Joost 0.9 beta is circulating among approved testers of the distributed television on a Mac application.

Joost is an online P2P-based legal TV service developed by the founders of internet telephone company Skype. It was formerly known as The Venice Project.

The new beta offers a better user interface with redesigned controls and widgets designed to exploit OS X's support for translucent controls.

That improvement is eclipsed by the introduction of first-generation support for the Apple Remote, meaning you can sit back and watch the channels available through Joost. There's a range of new channels now available through the service, too.

In future, Joost's developers are promising to release an API for developers that they can use to create extensions and add-ons for the software, along with AppleScript support.

Joost is a legal service which allows users to watch TV shows on their computers, it works in a peer-to-peer fashion, with viewers computers serving as a network that shares content among viewers.