Kerio Technologies has launched Kerio Connect 7.4, a new version of its messaging server, which has an optimised iPad interface to give IT managers better administration capabilities while on the move.

The update means that IT managers can apply user access policies, set up new user mailboxes, browse logs and troubleshoot the server from wherever they are.

“Using our iPads with Kerio Connect is a very convenient way to manage the mail server,” said Gavin Nicholson of AppCenter, a Kerio Preferred Partner. “Not only can I do routine maintenance on the weekends from my home, but I can also be at a user’s desk to view their issue, and then troubleshoot it right there on the spot.”

Kerio Connect 7.4 has integrated anti-virus, an improved anti-spam engine, and built-in archiving aiming to keep email secure in a business. It runs on Mac OS X, Windows and Linux, and starts at £320 for five users.

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