Security experts have warned Facebook members not to be taken in by a scam message offering the chance to get a free Lady Gaga Edition iPad.

A message appeared on the Facebook fan page of the pop star saying that a limited edition Lady Gaga-themed iPad would be released in the next few days.

The message read: "Lady Gaga's new iPad comes out in 3 days! So for the next 72 hours we will be hosting a massive giveaway to all the Mother Monster fans. Sign up and receive your special Lady Gaga edition iPad in time for the Holidays! For contest rules and registration visit the link below."

However, clicking on the link took you directly to an online survey and those who did so would have no chance of winning the non-existent prize. The message has since been deleted from Lady Gaga's Facebook page and the website it links to has also been taken offline.

"Anyone who clicked on the link, and filled in online forms, may have unwittingly handed their personal information to scammers and potentially helped them earn revenue by completing online surveys," said Graham Cluley at Sophos

The message was only online for an hour before it was spotted and removed, though as Lady Gaga has some 45 million Facebook fans it may have been seen by a large number of them. 

"It is, of course, particularly important that the administrators of popular Facebook pages - which can have many millions of fans - take security seriously to minimise the possibilities of passing a scam on. If nothing else, it's not terribly good for the brand to annoy your fans or to put them at risk," Cluley said.

It is thought that the Facebook pages of Maroon 5 and Blink 182 may have been affected by a similar scam.