Developers continue to introduce Leopard compatibility updates for their software, with new releases this morning from Parallels, SecureMac, Project Wizards, CS Odessa and Motorola.

Parallels has introduced a new beta version of Parallels Desktop for Mac that improves the virtualization software's compatibility with Mac OS X Leopard. The revision also provides a strong performance boost to Windows XP/Vista virtual machines, according to Parallels.

The update also allows users to migrate a Boot Camp partition to a Parallels virtual machine using Parallels Transporter.

SecureMac has updated its $24.95 anti-spyware scanner, MacScan 2.5, with Leopard support and numerous bug fixes and the addition of all the latest spyware definitions and cookie blacklists. Users can also specify what days they want their systems scanned.

MacScan quickly detects, isolates and removes spyware from Macs using both real-time spyware definition updating and unique detection methods. The software also manages internet-related clutter on your computer.

ProjectWizards has introduced the second beta release of its project management application, Merlin 2.5, which will be made available free to all current Merlin 2.0 subscribers. The software developers promise that collaboration on both Tiger and Leopard systems will take a boost with the latest release of its professional project management software.

CS Odessa has introduced ConceptDraw MINDMAP 5.2, a new version of its mind mapping business productivity software equipped with Leopard compatibility, Quick Look technology support, integration with iCal and a renewed user interface that supports Leopard’s rich visual look-and-feel.

MINDMAP 5 is a tool for organizing ideas and projects, or to communicate concepts with a group of people. The new version's Quick Look support means users can preview information within the application, while iCal support means users can populate individual or group schedules from within the project management application.

Motorola meanwhile has introduced Timbuktu Pro 8.7 a new - Leopard-ready - version of its veteran remote control and workstation management software for Macs.

With Timbuktu Pro, users can view the screen of a remote computer, or share screens with one or many remote computers to collaborate, teach or provide technical support. "Use your mouse and keyboard to operate distant computers as if you were sitting right in front of them, send large files without tying up email, and communicate by intercom, text chat or instant message," the company urges.

Finally so far, Oranged Software's Studiometry 5.0.4 adds Leopard compatibility. This organizational tool for studios and freelancers is available now, with a few tweaks in addition to its Leopard support. A major software update is scheduled for November release.