Multiple developers have released a new series of Leopard updates for their applications.

New software has appeared from Toon Boom Animation, Unity Technologies. Freeverse, and Bitcartel

Toon Boom Animation has confirmed that all its professional products are now compatible with Leopard, including Storyboard Pro, Digital Pro, and Storyboard. The Toon Boom team is currently working on making the Harmony network solution as well the consumer software Studio compatible with Leopard.

Unity Technologies Unity 2.0.1, game development software has also been updated, fixing some Leopard-related problems that appeared in the suite and providing updated documentation for developers.

Freeverse has introduced Sound Studio 3.5.5, an update to its sound recording and editing tool that fixes some bugs and provides Leopard compatibility.

Bitcartel has introduced its Leopard-compatible iRecordMusic 1.6 (build 450) software, which lets users record internet audio encoded in most formats, including RealAudio, WindowsMedia, or QuickTime. The release also fixes a problem in which real-time encoding to Apple Lossless sometimes fails.