Extensis is running a Webcast today for typography on the Web.

The online seminar, which is free, is titled Web Typography Best Practices: Choosing Fonts. According to the company, typography is as important on the Web as it is in any other medium, but the considerations are different, and the capabilities are changing rapidly.

Typography guru and type designer, Thomas Phinney, will demonstrate the latest best practices for web fonts and web typography. Phinney will cover why @font-face has replaced previous approaches to custom type on the web (images, sIFR, etcetera); the best practices for picking individual typefaces; how to effectively combine different font families, how to deal with on-screen text rendering issues, and why Windows is especially troublesome. There will also be tips on where to find typographic inspiration and detailed references

Registering for Part 1 will also register you (with no obligation) for the next two Web Typography Best Practices sessions.

The event will start at 15:00 UK Time on 18 October 2011.  You can also view Webcasts on the Extensis site.