Apple inexplicably removed a handy utility from its Address Book when it introduced Mac OS X 10.5 'Leopard' - now it's time for a third part developer to put the feature back.

Apple's Address Book (on Tiger) allowed users to send SMS text messages from the Mac to a selected Address Book contact through a mobile phone using Bluetooth. Leopard drops that feature.

Step in, Nova Media, which has updated its mobile phone suite - FoneLink - for Mac OS X to version 1.2. The new release includes a complete SMS manager to send, receive and archive SMS messages and is compatible to Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard.

"With Tiger, it was possible to issue a call or send a SMS message right from the Address Book of Mac OS X. This is not possible with Leopard anymore.", said company PR, Jan Fuellemann. "We do not agree with that and included these quick-dial and quick-sms features in the address book of FoneLink version 1.2."

FoneLink is a mobile phone companion for Macs, offering a finder-like view of all files stored on a mobile phone and the ability to transfer data and media files such as photos, videos and music, which are automatically converted for the best experience when accessed on the mobile.

FoneLink synchronizes iTunes playlists, includes a ringtone creator and manages contacts, dates, notes and bookmarks. It supports many mobile phones from Nokia and Sony Ericsson and costs €33.57.