The latest batch of Leopard compatibility updates introduce Leopard support to Roxio's Toast 8 and more.

Roxio has introduced Toast 8 Titanium 8.0.3, the latest version of its Mac disc burning software. The update addresses several problems running the industry-standard CD-burning software on Apple's latest OS, including fixing a problem in which music DVD's created on the OS were low quality, and other bug fixes.

Roxio also introduced a Leopard-compatible update for Popcorn, Popcorn 3.0.2. This resolves a series of issues in format handling and the preservation of DVD chapters when ripping them.

Ambrosia Software has introduced a new version of its FTP application, Dragster 1.0.4. This release brings full Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard compatibility, along with many bug fixes and improvements.

Another Leopard update comes in the form of RouteBuddy 1.5, a free update to the GPS mapping application for Mac OS X which offers native support for Garmin, TomTom(B) and NMEA GPS devices.

Bitcartel Software recently introduced PandoraJam 1.2, adding support for the Apple Remote, improved recording features, new scrobbling options and other fixes in the free upgrade for existing users.

Calamus 1.11 offers Leopard support. This €129 application lets iPhoto calendars be imported into it in order for users to have these calendars printed at a lower price than Apple charges, using the alternate Photographerbook service.

Mac OS X system utility, Xupport 3.4 also updates its built-in security technology, along with minor improvements and some bug fixes. This application lets users configure hidden Mac OS X and Unix options; increase system security and performance; and maintain and backup Mac OS X, and more.