Lindy Electronics has launched its three-port FireWire 800 repeater hub.

The £45 device lets users of the fastest FireWire standard connect multiple peripherals to the single FireWire 800 port supplied on some professional Macs (the device also supports FireWire 800-equipped PCs).

The bus or self-powered hub also supports older legacy FireWire devices when the appropriate connector cables are used. The hub also offers built-in active repeater circuitry which allows FireWire connection distances to be extended by up to 4.5 metres.

Connected devices are hot-swappable and can be daisy-chained with other hubs to the FireWire standard's maximum device chain support of 63 peripherals.

"FireWire800 is far faster than USB2 and has confirmed FireWire as the technology of choice to connect cameras, camcorders, external disk drives or any device that needs to transfer large amounts of data quickly," observed Stephen Fawcett, Lindy senior product manager.

“This hub will allow users to benefit from the speed of this technology when used with the Beta type cable, but still provide compatibility with their legacy devices with the use of bilingual type cable," he added.