If you are looking for a way to make your Mac application stand out from the 10,000-plus apps on the Mac App Store, a well publicised price cut may well do the trick.

According to the developer of Mac app, Dropzone, following a one-day price cut from $14 to $2 they sold 6,700 copies of the app, making $8,000 in one day, according to Cult of Mac.

Dropzone makes it easy to move, upload, or share files using a simple, drag-and-drop interface.

The DropZone sale was part of a new concept known as Two Dollar Tuesday, three Mac App Store apps were made available for 80% - 85% off for one day only. Along with DropZone, Socialite and Compartments were also available at a lower cost.

"Customers prefer to purchase apps in the Mac App Store, because they can easily reinstall them if they switch computers, and they never have to worry about losing a license" said Two Dollar Tuesday founder Mike Dattolo.

The success of the sale highlights the problem of discoverability on the Mac App Store. Prior to the price drop, the DropZone app wasn’t ranked as one of the top 100 productivity apps in the Mac App Store. But it was propelled to the number three spot with hours of the sale.

Dattolo added: "The hardest problem independent developers have to tackle is obscurity - finding a way to get their apps noticed."

The additional purchases of the Two Dollar Tuesday apps helps to propel the applications up to higher spots in the App Store charts, making more people aware of them.

Editorial coverage of the sale will have also helped with the discoverability issue on the Mac App Store. One report notes that the dramatic price drop of $14 to £2 will have been seen as a better deal by consumers than a drop from $4 to $2 would have been.