From today, Friday 1 June, Apple will start expecting Mac developers to implement sandboxing in their apps if they wish to sell them via the Mac App Store.

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Over the past few days we have published a series of stories looking at how developers are dealing with the changes.

When we asked Mac developers for their thoughts on the matter many agreed to share their concerns with us, although of those, only a few were happy to have their names associated with their comments. A number of Mac developers vented their frustrations at Apple's Mac App Store sandboxing fiasco through our first article.

The developers described what they believe sandboxing means and some expressed their confusion and concerns about the sandboxing changes, and asked “why isn’t Apple listening??”

Others suggested that although sandboxing is supposed to protect user security, it is too big a trade off, and there aren’t actually any security issues any way.  

In the case of the evolving sandbox guidelines developers complained that Apple kept changing the rules, a suggested that Apple needs to get its act together.

Rather than update their apps some developers are considering removing them from the Mac App Store altogether while others are refusing to do anything until Apple has fixed the guidelines and actually sandboxed its own Mac apps.

The implementation of Sandboxing on the Mac App Store looks set to cause a big headache for the Mac developer community, but perhaps even more importantly, it will disadvantage users, according to some Mac developers