Apple has been criticised for hosting an outdated version of the Opera browser in the Mac App Store.

Opera this week released version 11.50 of its eponymous browser. However, the version of Opera in the Mac App Store is version 11.11.

Security researcher Joshua Long, writing on his JoshMeister on Security blog, slammed Apple for still offering what is known to be a outdated version of Opera that contains known vulnerabilities.

"Apple's Mac App Store is still distributing Opera 11.11, which is  now outdated and publicly known to contain no less than three vulnerabilities, two of which have been publicly disclosed. One of the three vulnerabilities (the details of which have not yet been disclosed) is rated by Opera as 'moderately severe'," Long wrote.

It's not the first time that Long has been critical of Apple for hosting outdated versions of Opera in the Mac App Store, either, having brought up the problem in May.

"Like last month, I notified both Apple's security team and Opera about the issue on the day of the new version's release.  It will be interesting to see how long it takes Apple to approve the new version and begin distributing it in the Mac App Store; last time it took a full week after I notified Apple's security team about the issue," he wrote.

Opera is the only major browser available in the Mac App Store, though can be downloaded from Opera's website as well.