Market-leading provider of online collaboration, meeting and conferencing tools, Cisco WebEx, has today introduced support for Mac OS X Leopard and Safari 3 across its product range.

The company says the move "demonstrates WebEx's continued focus on Apple users". The expanded Mac support is available across all its key applications: Meeting Center, WebOffice, Event Center, Training Center, Sales Center and Support Center. All these products now offer cross platform support for Mac OS X Leopard and Safari 3.

The company also made a key observation that confirms Apple's growing status among business users. "You can't deny that the Apple Mac is becoming more prevalent in businesses; in fact, we have seen Mac usage double in last year," said Ilan Kasaan, director of product management, Cisco WebEx. "We want to ensure that all of our customers have a successful experience, and as with all of our solutions, we are consistently upgrading to meet the demands of our growing user base."

The expanded support for Mac OS X Leopard spans the entire Cisco WebEx collaboration suite to ensure Mac users receive the reliability, speed and support similar to what PC users enjoy.

Mac clients will see increased speeds, better sharing and improved presentation sharing performance in WebEx products. Up to six videoconferencing channels are now supported within a WebEx Meeting Center session.

iWork users can look forward to better 3D animations in shared Keynote documents across the WebEx suite.

Over the last three years, Cisco WebEx has added new features and additional support aimed at Mac users. Most recently, the company announced that its remote access solution, WebEx PCNow, now provides support for PC-to-Mac, Mac-to-PC and Mac-to-Mac as well as Apple iPhone sessions.