SubRosaSoft has released a major revision to its fast drive-duplication and recovery solution for Macs,
CopyCatX 4.0.

The updated version runs on Intel and PowerPC Macs, has a new user interface, multiple targets duplication support and more.

The company claims that because its duplication solution makes use of a technology called 'sector copying', rather than 'file-by-file' copying, its solution is fast and capable of copying every detail of the original drive, including bootability and icons.

The software can create copies of Linux, Windows, Mac, or TiVo-based drives.

Additional features, such as 'Cross Platform Device Copy', allow you to clone Boot Camp, Microsoft Windows, TiVo and Linux drives.

CopyCatX costs $59.95 plus shipping for the CD version or $49.95 for download only. Users of CopyCatX 3.0 or earlier can upgrade to 5.0 for $19.95 (download) and $29.95 (CD media) plus shipping.