Security experts are warning of an issue within Adobe CS3's Version Cue application which can disable a Mac's built-in firewall.

An alert from the experts at Secunia warns that Adobe Version Cue disables a Mac's firewall when it is installed. It does so in order to set certain ports up for "controlled access through the firewall", the experts said.

The probelm is that the installer doesn't re-enable the firewall once installation is complete, leaving certain system services vulnerable to attacks.

The security issue is reported in Adobe Version Cue CS3 Server, installed as part of Adobe Creative Suite 3 Design Premium, Design Standard, Web Premium, or Web Standard editions, Secunia explains.

There is a simple fix to the flaw, which is rated as "less critical" – users simply need to re-enable their Mac OS X firewall in System Preferences once installation is complete.