Multimedia presents new opportunities for digital creatives, blurring the lines between art and reporting, a report on Apple's website explains.

David Dunkley Gyimah is a freelance Channel 4 presenter, videojournalist and senior lecturer in digital journalism at the University of Westminster. He's also a philosopher of modern media.

A report on Apple's website looks at some of his thinking and his use of an Apple Mac. He says: "The YouTube generation are deconstructing television as we know it; thanks to companies like Apple, they've got access to the tools and are just getting on and doing things. They can see that if it's good enough, people will watch it."

Gyimah explains the possibilities: a news reporter grabbing video footage of an event isn't confined to straight reportage - they have material for a blog, podcast, multimedia, video and more. "From a video, I can pull out five different elements," he explains.