Agile Web Solutions has introduced iPhone-friendly password assistant, 1Password 2.5.1.

This version, free to registered users, improves 1Password for iPhone and adds support for AutoFill in Mobile Safari.

The 1Password password manager offers integrated anti-phishing technology; an automatic form filler with support for credit cards and multiple identities and deploys a secure database to keep track of site logins, secure notes, identities, credit cards, bank accounts, and software registration information.

It also adds the ability to securely sync website logins from Mac to iPhone/iPod Touch as a standard Safari bookmark. When selected, this bookmark will automatically fill login information on the currently open website.

All the confidential information is encrypted using strong cryptography (448 bit Blowfish encryption) and can only be accessed once the correct Access Code is entered. The confidential information is decrypted within Safari on the iPhone and no internet communication is required. The software doesn't require that an iPhone is jailbroken in order to run.

A single-user license costs $29.95 while a family license is also available for $39.95. A fully functional 30-day trial version is available, along with a free version limited to 20 items.