Take Control Books has released a new electronic book that explains how to use and to manage passwords on a Mac.

Take Control of Passwords in Mac OS X by Mac expert Joe Kissell will help users assess site risks and develop a plan for generating multiple passwords at different security settings.

The ebook explains how to set appropriate passwords for the Mac (account login, master, root, firmware, email, AirPort, keychains) that aren't impossible to remember, and how to use Apple's built-in password manager Keychain Access.

"The Keychain in Mac OS X is a behind-the-scenes feature that you rarely hear about, but which you likely rely on every day," says Take Control editor in chief Tonya Engst. "Anyone who has been distressed about not being able to remember passwords or who has been anxious about the security of their passwords will find reassuring advice about how to use Apple's built-in tools to manage passwords easily."

There's also advice on using passwords on the web and a shortlist of alternatives to Keychain. The book costs $10 and is available for purchase and download on the Take Control website.