The huge video screens you may have seen at major festivals and during concerts by the likes of U2 are driven by Macs.

Apple's latest feature story, now available online, reveals that the company behind some of the biggest video projection screens, XL Video, drives the screens using banks of Mac Pros.

Daft Punk's recent tour featured stunning visuals projected on a big screen, and these were run by a series of Mac Pros running Catalyst 4 and Final Cut Pro.

The band were able to use these technologies to mix live video with effects. Resources included eight video streams, which were co-ordinated with lighting effects.

Depeche Mode and U2 have also used XL Video's Mac-based solution during their live shows. The company also furnished the visuals for the recent Live Earth concerts.

Richard Burford, head of XL Video, said: "We use Macs throughout the whole creative process, from concept drawings to content creation to final playback. Final Cut is the linking piece of the chain."

You can read the report here.