Your home or office Mac can keep an eye on things while you're out and about, thanks to MildMannered Industries application, Iris 1.0.

Iris is a Mac OS X application that allows users with an iSight to take snapshots, make movies, record timelapse movies and use the iSight as a webcam. The software also features motion-detection, emailing you alerts if movement is detected.

Iris supports an image gallery from which users can email snapshots or movies, upload their photos to Flickr, or export movies to view on their video iPod, Apple TV or iPhone.

"Iris makes it easy to do a whole lot more with your iSight. For example, you can set up Iris to watch your house while you're away, receive email alerts from Iris, and then view Iris's WebCam from your iPhone to see what's happening back at home in real time." said Martin Redington, founder of MildMannered Industries.

Iris requires Mac OS X 10.4 or greater, an iSight camera (built-in or external), or other USB or Firewire camera. A G4, G5, or Intel processor equipped Mac, with a Quartz Extreme video card is recommended. The software costs $30.