Ambrosia Software has confirmed it's working with UK developer Maverick to bring a game of nuclear Armageddon to Mac-using Dr Strangelove types.

The game, Defcon, is an online multiplayer title that gives players the chance to explore the idea of nuclear attack and mutually assured destruction. It was originally developed by independent UK developer, Introvision.

The competitive game aims to evoke the tension of the Cold War, and received huge praise from the PC press when it shipped for Windows.

Defcon (for Mac, $25) is currently in beta and is scheduled to ship in March.

"All too often Mac users are overlooked in a world dominated by PC's and consoles," said Mark Morris, Introversion software's managing director. "Both of our teams have worked particularly hard to make sure that PC and Mac users can interact perfectly and we look forward to welcoming a whole new set of gamers to Defcon."

Ambrosia Software's president Andrew Welch stressed: "We've expended enormous effort to ensure that Defcon for the Mac will be interoperable with the Windows version for network play, and also to make sure the user experience is up to par in terms of what Mac users expect."