Use your Mac as a kitchen assistant with YummySoup! 1.3 from independent developer, Ken Humbard.

With a user interface that's a little like OS X's Mail application, YummySoup! 1.3 ($20) is a recipe management application for Macs offering recipe organisation, sharing, cooking, and shopping abilities. This iteration adds a Wine and spirits manager and new recipe display themes.

But it's the sharing that makes it interesting. The application is capable of accessing a library of user-created recipes, and is capable of delivering printed shopping lists and other useful features.

To stop cooks wrecking their computer while they work in their kitchen, the software can render recipes in full-screen view, so they don't need to get kitchen fluids on their Mac - and the application can be navigated using an Apple Remote, so cooks shouldn't need to get too close to the Mac.

The software requires Mac OS X 10.4 or later.