Grass Valley is demonstrating its new REV PRO storage disk for Macs at MacExpo this week.

This product is an extension of Iomega's REV storage format, which has been developed in conjunction with Iomega.

REV and REV PRO disks deliver the portability and cost-effectiveness of a video tape with the speed, flexibility, and ease of use of nonlinear, random-access media. Both have a native capacity of 35GB (45 minutes of HD, or over two hours of SD video) with a sustained video data transfer rate of 110 Mb/s. These characteristics let users pair a REV disk with the Infinity Digital Media Camcorder to capture at uncompromised HD rates.

Grass Valley REV PRO disks are compatible with all REV drives, so disks can be taken direct from the Infinity Digital Media Camcorder or Infinity Digital Media Recorder and loaded into an inexpensive drive connected to a Mac running Final Cut Pro (or any other non-linear editing software). The content on the REV PRO media will appear as a drive or bin in the editor.

The REV technology incorporates the disk and motor in a sealed cartridge, with the heads and all associated electronics in the drive. The company promises its storage format will have a 30-year lifespan.

Grass Valley and Canopus branded products are distributed in the UK by AM Micro.