The organisers and developers behind the regular MacHeist sale have excelled themselves in putting together the most extensive selection of applications at an unmissable price for MacHeist II.

The new selection went on sale through the MacHeist website yesterday. The collection included a host of handy applications from independent developers, including tools for downloading, cover art discovery, animation and much muchj more - with many more applications ready to join the list as soon as a certain number of bundles are sold, including the incredibly versatlie, SnapzPro from Ambrosia Software.

At present, the bundle includes: 1password, CoverSutra, Cha-Ching, iStopMotion, Awaken, AppZapper, TaskPaper, and as an added bonus, Speed Download. As bundles are sold additional applications are unlocked, and these include CSSEdit, Pixelmator and the aforementioned, SnapzPro.

All these applications are available now at an astonishingly low price - just $49. Prices are even lower for customers who complete 'missions' (more information on these on the MacHeist website). Better still - 25 per cent of the sale price can be donated to the charity of a customer's choice. The sale has raised $48,817 for charity so far on 4,532 bundle sales. Last year's bundle sold over 16,000 copies in a week.

This is a strictly time-limited offer that's only to be made available for 12 more days.