BitJazz has introduced Mac+Intel and Mac Universal Binary editions of SheerVideo, its cross-platform lossless video codec.

Introduced in 2003 as "the fastest video codec in the world", SheerVideo lets users work twice as fast at half the uncompressed file size, with perfect fidelity to the original video and digitised film.

Since the 2004 addition of BitJazz's Synchromy colour-conversion technology, SheerVideo has let users convert between RGB and Y'CbCr colour spaces completely nondestructively — a feat previously considered impossible.

This means that one can edit video footage in applications designed for film and CGI, and edit film and CGI footage in video applications, repeatedly, without any loss of image information.

The codec can handle video at any resolution, including HD (high definition) and SD (standard definition), NTSC, PAL, and SECAM; 4:3 & 16:9, progressive and interlaced.

The new SheerVideo for Mac+Intel edition lets SheerVideo run in native mode on the new Intel Mac systems, while the Universal Binary edition runs both in native Intel mode and in Rosetta PowerPC emulation mode, as well as on any PowerPC running Mac OS X.

The initial release, scheduled for the end of January, will be capable of exploiting multiple cores and multiple processors on Intel Macs.

A later release will add MMX+SSE vector optimisation for a further boost in performance on Intel processors.

SheerVideo Reader is free for all platforms, while SheerVideo Pro costs $149 for Mac OS X (PPC), Windows, or Mac OS 8/9, and can be downloaded and evaluated for free for 20 days of use. SheerVideo Pro for Mac OS X Intel will cost $149, and SheerVideo Pro for Mac OS X Universal will be available for $189.