Google has released SketchUp 6, the latest version of its 3D sketching software.

The new edition introduces the capabilities of making models from photos, adding watermarks and a selection of 3D text and display styles. The Pro version also features a selection of layout tools designed to help create presentations from sketched scenes.

The new Photo Match feature lets users quickly and easily trace a photo to create a 3D model of the photographed object or match an existing model with a background photo for near-instant modelling.

Styles are a new collections of display settings including Watermarks (2D images behind or in front of models) and Sketchy Effects (rendered as though drawn by hand) which enable users to create 3D models.

The Pro version includes a beta version of LayOut, a presentation/publishing application that aims to help users create professional design presentations and high-resolution documents with little additional work. By embedding SketchUp models in a LayOut document, professionals can create compelling presentations that enable models to remain interactive and modifiable.

Additional product improvements include an enhanced developer API, two-point perspective viewing, and improved screen and print quality.

Google SketchUp 6 is available now for both Mac and PC; the release also offers deeper integration with Google Earth.